Top 5 architects in Bangalore

Following are the top architects in Bangalore selected on the basis of the experience, area they work, specialization, material they use, approach towards the environment, nature, service and professionalism etc. The below list of Architects in Bangalore is mainly into sustainable, ecological and environment-friendly construction practice.

List of best architects in Bangalore

1. Bio-me Environmental Solutions – this architecture firm is headed by Chitra Vishwanath who is having around three decades of experience in the field of architecture, they work on sustainable design solutions which is close to environment and nature, they recommend people to use the available soil at the site and make the bricks and use them for the construction purpose. These type of bricks are called compressed stabilized earth blocks, in short, they are also called as CSEB, as mentioned earlier to make the bricks one has to use the soil available at the site and this will make sure that the soil excavated at the site doesn’t go wasted and it will save the cost of construction.

Biome gives lots of importance to energy efficiency, water conservation and management, Groundwater management, wastewater management etc. The biome is predominantly the best residential architects in Bangalore.

top architects in Bangalore
Image 11 – Anantha Swarna Residence ©

Biome work on educational, institutional, hospitality, mixed-use and residential projects. They work only on a consultation basis and turnkey projects. Apart from Bangalore, they have worked in many cities in India especially south India. Their consultation fees are reasonable and affordable. Biome is considered as one of the best architects in Bangalore in the space of sustainable, ecological friendly architects in India and Bangalore. One can know more about biome at their website – is also recognised as one of the top architects in Bangalore.

2. Good Earth Architects – is another professionally run architecture firm based out of Bangalore and this firm is run by Ms Nalini and Mr Rajan, Nalini is one of the acclaimed and sought after architect in environment-friendly construction. Good earth architects are an end to end firm where they integrate design development, sustainability, living needs and future requirements. There end to end design-build service covers the entire development process of concept, analysis, planning, design and construction until to the extent of the handover of the finished project/building. Good earth is mainly into in house development and they don’t offer consultancy service to individuals, they buy land and they develop the community or township.

best architects in Bangalore

Good earth develops their community by inculcating the sustainable and ecological construction practice and they also give importance for natural farming, water conservation and beautiful landscaping at all of their project location. Good earth mainly uses natural materials like wire cut bricks, terra kota tiles, used and discarded wood and waste materials from demolished buildings and converts them into a beautiful home.

Good earth is considered as one of the best architects in Bangalore in the space of building an ecological and sustainable township. Good earth is also considered as one of the best residential architects in Bangalore similar to Biome.

Good earth is mainly working in south India and especially in Bangalore, they are also coming up with one project in north India. Apart from the residential space, Good earth is also working in commercial space such as office space etc. You need to check good earth architecture website to know more about their work and accomplishments.

3. Mindspace Architects – is one of the less known but professionally run architect firms from Bangalore. Like the other two above mentioned architect firms, even mind space is also working in the space of building sustainable and ecological homes. Mindspace was started by Sanjay Mohe around two decades back. Even though mindspace architects don’t follow ecological building practice but they give a lot of emphasis on ventilation and natural lighting. Mind space is an architecture firm where they take the assignment and work on that just like Biome.

One can know more about mindspace architects at is into all segments of construction which include residential, commercial and mixed-use but they are considered as one of the best residential architects in Bangalore.

residential architects in Bangalore

4. Total Environment: – is another professionally run architect firm from Bangalore where they are concentrating on sustainable and ecological construction which is very close to nature. Total environment is founded by Kamal Sagar in 1996 with just rupees 10000 as a capital investment, today they have delivered around 4 million square feet of built-up area across a dozen projects in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. All of these projects are mesmerizing.

commercial architects in Bangalore

Total environment will not work for other individuals and their architect teams works only for there in house projects, the cost of Total environment houses are on the higher side and not affordable to common and middle class people. Total environment is mainly into residential and commercial segments. We have to visit the total environment website at about to know more about the firms work and past projects. Off late even Total environment is considered as one of the best commercial architects in Bangalore

5. Mrinmayee – Gramavidya – is one of the oldest professionally run architect firm from Bangalore. Mrinmayee is a pioneer in ecological and sustainable architecture buildings. They work on Rammed earth, CSEB and wire-cut brick segments. Mrinmayee is headed by Dr Yogananda M R who has over three decades of experience in the field of sustainable and ecological construction.

Similar to Bio me, Mrinmayee is also an architectural firm specializing on executing independent projects, they work with individuals and corporates and help them to execute their projects on a turnkey basis. Mrinmayee is a best and affordable ecofriendly architects in Bangalore

ecofriendly architects in Bangalore

Mrinmayee also conducts workshop and training sessions for the people who are interested in knowing more about the sustainable and ecological construction at their office in Bangalore. To know more about Mrinmayee one has to visit their website at to get more details.

Apart from the details mentioned in there segments all the above architect firms concentrate and give importance to Rainwater harvesting, Beautiful landscaping, sewage treatment, waste management etc.

Difference between conventional and unconventional architect firms

Key differentiatorsConventional architect firmsUnconventional architect firms
Importance to energy conservationThey don’t give much importance to energy conservationThey give a lot of importance to energy conservation
Importance to environmentThey don’t give much importance to environmental conservationThey give lot of importance to environmental conservation
Cost of constructionCost of construction is highCost of construction is relatively less when compared to conventional architect firms
SustainabilityNot much importance is given to SustainabilityLots of importance is given to sustainability
Speed & scalabilitySpeed and scalability is possibleSpeed and scalability is not possible

What are the points that we have to consider while identifying a good architect in Bangalore:

1)Track record of the architect

2)What segment they are working like conventional, ecological or nature based construction

3)Professional experience and knowledge of the architect and his firm

4)Customer service of the architecture firm

5) what is the architects fee in Bangalore

6)We need to look for the reviews and reference from there past customers/clients

7)we need to know what software used by architects

Conclusion:- Since it is not possible for an individual to design house plans on our own so it is really necessary to hire an architect. It is advised to hire a professional and experienced architect while constructing a building, This will make sure there is no wastage and rework while constructing the building.

Divine housing is also into architecture and construction segment. We offer end to end consultancy service in building construction and we predominantly work in the sustainable, ecological and affordable segment. You can know more about Divine housing at

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