Top 5 interior designers in Bangalore

Following are the best interior designers in Bangalore selected on the basis of the experience, area they work, specialization, material they use, approach towards the environment, nature, service, and professionalism, etc. The below list of interior designers in Bangalore is mainly into sustainable, economical, and environment-friendly interior designing practices. All the below five interior design firms are selected after thorough research based on customer reviews and feedback.

1.Livspace: – this interior design firm is founded by Anuj and ramakant, Livspace was started in 2015 after the founder themselves having invested lots of money into getting the interiors of their house done but even after spending huge money they couldn’t get the desired results and this led them to start there firm livspace.

Livspace gives a lot of importance to understanding people’s needs and based on that they give the interior designing solution. Livspace is one of the best home interior designers in Bangalore. The interior design solutions of livspace are very affordable and simple. Livspace is one of the famous interior designers in Bangalore.

interior designers in Bangalore

The materials used by Livspace is one of the best in the industry and the professionalism showed by their workforce and team is one of the best in the industry. They have a unique policy in the industry when it comes to the payment that is design now and pay later. Due to all these above factors, livspace is considered as one of the good interior designers in Bangalore.

Livspace is working on all segments of interior designing like home, office, and commercial space. Livspace is heavily funded by private equity and institutional finance. One can get more info about the kind of work done by Livspace at their website –

2.Homelane: – Homelane is another interior design firm founded by Rama harinath, Srikanth Iyer, and Vivek parasuram, they provide end to end interior design solution to customers. Users can log into the homelane website and they can custom design their interior designs based on their requirements and necessity. Homelane also allows the end-users to select the furniture set which suits their house and living space.

Homelane works on three principal’s transparency, convenience, and predictability which are very important in interior designing and the home furnishings business. Homelane is one of the best interior designers in Bangalore. Homelane also works in the office interior design segment and they called one of the best office interior designers in Bangalore.

best interior designers in Bangalore

Homelane is working on all segments of interior designing like home, office, and commercial space.Homelane is heavily funded by private equity and institutional finance. One can get more info about the kind of work done by homelane at their website –

3.Bonito Designs – Bonito Designs is founded by three young entrepreneurs by name Vathsala, Sameer, and Rickson they come from various technology and design background. Bonito Designs was started in 2012 by these professionals with an aim to provide quality service for the new-age home buyers. The company offers excellent interior design services across the country and executes turnkey projects for new homes in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. The company caters to both luxury and budget homes. It has designed around 1,400 homes and completed 900 homes primarily in Bengaluru with a few projects in Hyderabad and other parts of India too.

Bonito designs are mainly into residential projects and their workflow is very professional and their customer service is very good. The professional charges are very reasonable and they have an in-house manufacturing facility of furniture. As mentioned by their CEO, Bonito Designs uses a process-driven delivery model to provide unique design solutions that will help deliver an excellent product to the customers and also save the money for them. They will do the projects with and without material. One can get more info about bonito designs at their website –

Similar to Livspace and homelane, even bonito designs is well funded and professionally run interior design and furniture company. Bonito design is based of Bangalore. While Bengaluru is the initial focus of bonito designs, the company is also eyeing other markets especially in cities such as Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad. The company philosophy of bonito designs is – ‘everyone deserves a designer home’.

4.The karighars – The karighars is founded in 2009 by Abhishek Chadha, ashitha chadha and vinayak chadha, the karighars is one of the leading interior design firm from Bangalore. The USP of karighars trust, honesty, quality, Timely deliveries and open communications. Karighars is self-funded organization and it has achieved 100% CAGR in the year 2020 amidst of the Covid pandemic and the karighars have achieved an impressive 30% YOY growth since the last five years.

The karighars team of designers and craftsmen combine their vision and aesthetic values with high-quality materials. They don’t just create spaces that look good, but they also create functional spaces that have a positive impact on your wellbeing. The karighars take projects only from Bangalore and they are still to explore the outside market.

The KariGhars specializes in the field of Luxury Interiors in Bangalore. From the time inception to execution, conceptualization to curation, they cater to the customized demands of their clients. Team KariGhars creates luxury residences that reflect the owner’s personality, passion, and style. To know more about the karighars one can visit their website –

5.Design Cafe: – Design cafe is founded by Gita Ramanan way back in 2015. Gita Ramanan believes that great designs have the power to change how you work, play, and live. Design cafe executes almost 100 projects per month in just the two cities that it is present right now. It plans to expand into the other two cities by the end of 2020. Right, it is working in Bangalore and Hyderabad. This Bangalore-based firm has clocked 120 Cr in 2019 and it is expected to clock 250 Cr in 2020.

Design cafe believes in the philosophy that every homeowner deserves the most innovative design solutions that are customized as per the customer requirements and lifestyle for their homes, and should have it delivered at the most competitive price and in a manner that is transparent and they are assured of the quality. Design cafe is a completely vertically integrated interior design firm where you will get end to end solution for all of your interior design needs.

office interior designers in Bangalore

Design cafe aims to set up Design Cafe Experience Centers in every major Indian city by 2024 thus offering its unique brand of end-to-end services, solutions, and products in the home interior space. This will make sure that the customers can have firsthand experience of their products and services. One can visit their website at to know more about their services and products.

Design cafe is also heavily funded from private equity capital as other top players in this segment and they have a very good financial and human resource backup to execute the projects in time.

All the above interior design firms might not be the cheapest interior designer in bangalore but they are the best when it comes to the quality,professionalism and trust.

What are things one has to look at while selecting the interior designers in Bangalore: –

1)Track record of the architect

2)What segment they are working like home interiors, office interiors, commercial interiors etc.

3)Professional experience and knowledge of the interior designer and his firm

4)Customer service of the interior designer firm

5) what is the interior designers charge.

6)We need to look for the reviews and reference from their past customers/clients

7)we need to know what software used by interior designers

How to budget for interior designing:

If you are an apartment/flat owner who wants to go for interior design, then you have to make sure that the cost of the interior design is not above 10% of the apartment/flat cost. Take the example of a three-bedroom apartment in Bangalore, If the cost of the apartment is one crore, then the cost to furnish a 3 bedroom flat should not exceed 10 lakhs rupees.

Conclusion: –

Since it is not possible for an individual to do the interior design of their house or office on their own so it is really necessary to hire an interior design firm. It is advised to hire a professional and experienced interior design firm while doing interior designing, this will make sure there is no wastage and rework while doing the interior designing.

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